Monday, September 14, 2009

A.N.A. Comics, BRETHREN, TPANVB, Web-comics, & FallCON!

A.N.A. Comics, BRETHREN, TPANVB, Web-comics, & FallCON!

A Message from me to you.

We’re half way through September and I have a lot to share. It’s been a few weeks since I updated blogs, either on my personal blog, A.N.A. Comics, or on so we’re going to be posting this on all three sites.

First things first, I need to say thank you to some people.

September 1st marked the launch of full site. Huge thank you goes to Robert Muller and the team at I would recommend no one else for your web development needs. Definitely look into them if you are in the market for a professional high quality website for either personal or professional purposes.

Also need to send a big thanks to the fine chaps at who have proven to be a great support and outlet for us at A.N.A. Comics. Many of us in the industry hit up or for our industry info, yet we miss out on a lot of great independent news. Please check out and see for yourself the results of passion and dedication to our field in the way of reporting.

A.N.A. Comics invades Minnesota!!

Myself (Anthony Hary) and Nicholas Myers of A.N.A. Comics will be at the biggest and Best comic book convention in Minnesota on October 10&11th for FallCON. has all your important information for the show. Mark your calendars now and make a plan to grab some friends and stop by!
BRETHREN:Beginnings #0, 20 page comic book written/illustrated by Anthony Hary will premiere at the show. Along with a 11/17inch mini poster, book marks, and more. Nicholas Myers will have the first 3 issues of his epic miniseries Harijan! In this special appearance, for those of us in MN, make sure you come out and get a signed copy of All 3 issues!
For the most up-to-date info on our appearances and plans for FallCON and other events, you can check out our event calendar on You can also find links on the site to follow the founders of A.N.A. Comics on Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, and in the contact area. If you are one of the many on, and don’t want to go all the way to our site, you can just do a search for us on there and become a fan.

By becoming a fan on, or following us through Twitter, Blogger, or even registering at in the forum, you put yourself in line to receive FREE stuff from us! Beginning in December 2009 we will be drawing names from the many members we have and those individuals will receive free art, comics, prints and more. You only have to register once, and everyone in your house can do so as well. Everyone has the chance to be a winner. Make sure you get signed up and logged in today.

Fun tidbit of info also, order A.N.A. COMICS: Welcome to Our World and BRETHREN:Beginnings and you’ll find in the pages of those book and fun and in-depth interview with the founders of A.N.A. Comics that you can ONLY read there. Learn about our history, our present, and where we see ourselves in the future. Soon you’ll be able to order copies of the books through, AND will offer bonus packages, and signed editions exclusively. Keep an eye out for that.

“Please say hello to… Newt?“

September 15th marks the launch of TPANVB on Don’t miss an update! This new web-comic from the mind of Nicholas Myers is brilliant! With new updates every Tuesday and Thursday you’ll want to subscribe to it TODAY! Myself, I have read the first 15 strips. Love it. Nicholas’ clean & strait forward art makes it easy to read. His imaginative illustrations make it captivating. Be there for every update!!

We have a couple other projects in the works to be done as web-comics. We are also looking for other creators who have their own web-comics, but don’t perhaps have a home to properly display them. If you would like to have A.N.A. Comics host your web-comic please join the forum because in the coming weeks we will be posting guidelines and details on how hosting your web-comics works with

BRETHREN: This is just the beginning

September also primed the release of BRETHREN:Beginnings #0, which is now at the printer for its October release. Some people have been with me so long that they know all about BRETHREN, and have been hassling me for a while now on when this first issue would be done. Well its DONE, and yes. I did say FIRST issue. Many out there have a lot of questions so I thought I would share some info to help us all get on the same page.

BRETHREN was originally created by Anthony Hary and Robert Muller and appeared as a web-comic, and actually started under a different title until becoming BRETHREN and eventually finding a home on The original web-comic started with the initial meeting of Tax and Lotus and went from there, yet only ran for about 8 months. There were a couple more sporadic updates that popped up at Anthony’s gallery, subtitled “winds of change” and it was these strips that gained BRETHREN its initial burst of attention. However these pieces of the story have basically been scrapped in favor of moving the story in a direction that combines the original outlined done by Anthony and Robert, and new ideas formed by Anthony in the “winds of change” story arc. There were some things revealed in the web comics that exposed pieces of the puzzle which won’t be in this #0 issue. However, ALL the pieces of the puzzle are still here. Lets run through some of them shall we, and pay attention, this will be the ONLY time I give any advance info. After this, you’ll just have to read the story. Ready? Ok.

BRETHREN takes place in an alternate future, semi post apocalyptic, but not. Just post a big flippin’ war and a LOT of stuff got ruined. The war involved the use of Biological Weapons, but not in the sense of germs, viruses and the like. Biological in the sense of living breathing weapons, fun huh? Some people have asked “I saw dragons in your other pages and in your preview pages I think I see one, are their dragons?” – Kinda, there is a sort of dragon like creator or two. Some things that are NOT in BRETHREN, there is NO magic, sorcery, or anything like that in BRETHREN. It’s more Sci-Fi Fantasy, then anything else. Tax first met Lotus first met in an alley while Lotus was running away from these people he had just stolen from. This first meeting is mirrored in this new comic to pay homage to the original strip. Originally Tax, not really knowing why, ran defense for him and from his imposing size and stoic demeanor Tax scared the men off. Ever since Lotus has been attached to Tax, as he was the first person to give Lotus a chance, and to be on his side of a fight. He would watch Tax, saw him fight and was just in awe of why this guy would live the life he does. Tax fights his last fight and walks out on Gills, the fight bookie. Lotus follows Tax to his farm and Tax catches him in the barn. While they are both inside the doors close and the barn is set on fire. Tax initially suspects Lotus has something to do with it, but Lotus points out he is trapped in there with him and they need to trust each other. Gills stands outside the barn yelling, angry that Tax his biggest draw just quit on him. Tax and Lotus escape via an old well inside the barn. Jumping down into a river passing below the ground and they came out into the lake nearby. In a way this new comic picks up shortly after this event. They have been together for a little while, traveling, and Tax has agreed to fight one last fight which we see in this issue. This will give them the funds they need for their trip… and this first mini-series is about that trip.

BRETHREN:Beginnings #0 is what I would call the warm up to the first of three planned BRETHREN Mini-series. The first is titled BRETHREN: The Sojourn of Tax and Lotus. It will run 3 full issues of at least 22 pages. I say at least because if it takes a couple extra pages to really tell the story, we will happily go over the standardized 22 pages per book. This will then be followed by two other BRETHREN mini’s set to feature Tax and Lotus, which titles will remain unannounced at this time.

The story is a very exciting mix if adventure and mystery. Be sure to pick up every issue to piece together the bits of the past and enjoy the full ride into the unknown future. Each issue will also contain bonus content and minimal ads so as to not take away from the story itself.

You are the FEATURE!!

A.N.A. Comics has as part of our mission statement the desire to help developing talent to grow and get exposure in the industry. Part of that mission is going to be realized in our ‘Featured Creator’ column that is set to start In the next couple months. Would you like to be interviewed by and be one of our featured creators? Sign up in the blog! And send an email to us @ business at

Thanks for reading folks!! More to come soon.

Anthony ‘ANMPH’ Hary
VP of Brand Management / EIC A.N.A. Comics

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Friday, September 11, 2009

First Audio Blog

Take a listen, enjoy, its our first Audio blog. Hope to fine tune it to be some thing special.


Click here to listen to the Audio Blog!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Press Release

Here is a press release from regarding the release of our site: Take a gander at it. :)

Also, just wanted to let you all know that TPANVB will begin on September the 15th. Prepare yourself for what I hope is a very unique adventure/fantasy tale. Just make sure to click here and save it to your favorites:

I promise to give you an honest, hard effort to give you the best story and make it enjoyable and endearing.

Thanks for your time,

Nicholas P. Myers