Thursday, September 29, 2011

2 weeks 4 free comics

Hey Everyone, Anthony ANMPH Hary here!

I am currently working as Penciller for an upcoming comic book mini-series - THE MIDNIGHT RAIDER. The creative team has been running a fund raising campaign for the last couple months that will soon be coming to an end. A couple generous people were willing to donate, but with only 16 days left, we're hoping to find a few more to help support the project and get some awesome incentives for themselves in the process.

If you still want to get in on The Midnight Raider and learn how you can recieve the full 4 issue mini-series for FREE, the best way to do it is to donate here:

Just a minimum $10 donation and you get the Exclusive Full Color special Edition of issue 1, which feature 24 pages of story & an additional 16 pages of content including art and information that will not be reprinted anywhere again. ON TOP of what ever incentives package you choose, ALL that donate, in any amount, will recieve the following 3 issues as they print for FREE! We'll mail them, signed, right to your door!

By Donating, you're helping us bring this story to our audience, and also ensuring that you wont miss a single exciting moment! Dont miss out, only 16 days remain to donate.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


With the low amount of submissions & other changes in the market for A.N.A. Comics, for now the second volume of WE'RE INDY: Rise fo the Independents Anthology is on hold and will NOT be printed in 2011.

There is still opportunity out there -

The great guys over at 215 Ink has open submissions for an Anthology going on right now, take a look:

Dont miss out on this!