Monday, February 28, 2011

What celebrity would you most like to meet in person?

I gotta say I don’t know just one celebrity I would like to meet. I have actually had the chance to interact with many of the people I would actually like to talk to. My focus now days is so focused on trying to get to the next level of my career as an artist/storyteller that I really just want to talk to or associate with people who are either where I want to be or also going where I want to go. That may be lame, but I really don’t know who I’d want to meet.

Art, Illustration, Comics, Movies, Opinions, ask away, what would YOU like to know?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Big News and what is ANA Comics

Every so often we get asked what is overall our most popular question: “What is A.N.A. Comics?”

This seems like as good a day as any to revisit that question. Even more so in the wake of the news we have to share with you. I will do my best to keep this explanation clear and to the point.

A.N.A. Comics is a collective, similar in a way to how Image Central works. A.N.A. Comics does not own any intellectual properties and works as an umbrella that creators can utilize to produce their work, whether that be in traditional print comics, or in a digital format. Our goal is to help other creators grow and achieve the goals they have for themselves in this industry. We do not hire or pay creators for their work because we do not hire creators to work for us, we find creators who wish to work WITH us. A.N.A. Comics does offer backend percentage compensation on many projects, and each project has a written contract involved to make sure all roles and responsibilities are clear.

At the end of the day A.N.A. Comics is in the business of comics, and helping to make the industry better, fuller, and as rich as all other entertainment industries. We are interested in working with and collaborating with others who feel the same way.

Today is a big, and by big I actually mean BIG day for A.N.A. Comics. We opened our perverbial doors in May of 2009 with a partner in Washington DC, Michigan, and Minnesota. As of today we can officially claim to be international with a new partner coming on board from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada: Rod Salm.

Rod Salm is a Graphic Designer by trade, and has had a great run so far with his web-comic “Death At Your Door”. I had the privilege to meet Rod when we were both guests at the Central Canada Comic Con (C4) 2010. Like the other partners in A.N.A. Comics, Rod is a family man with a lovely wife and kids, who I also had the chance to meet. He does this because he loves it and we are so excited to have Rod on board to bring that enthusiasm and drive with him to A.N.A. Comics.

Rod will be acting in the capacity of Publisher for A.N.A. Comics, and you can also read his web-comic by hitting up the web-comics section on .

Please visit for all our current project info, event news, and join The BOARD. Thanks for reading!


Friday, February 11, 2011

A.N.A. Comics is proud to announce our new partnership with Rod Salm and his webcomic: DEATH IS AT YOUR DOOR!

Here is the press release & banner link:

Death is at your door, he brought pizza. We suggest you tip well.

Introducing a new weekly web comic about Death trying to live a life. Absurdity ensues as Death’s roommates come to terms with having the grimmest of reapers sharing their home and learning what life has to offer.

Launched in May of 2010 Death At Your Door is already receiving attention from the online comic community for its whimsical look at Death living. Death moves in with reluctant siblings Lisa and her twin brother Carl, and the house’s bulldog, the ever-loving Zeus. In a complex pact that involves feta and anchovy pizza deliveries, Life grants Death physical form to “try out this living business”. Death gets advice from none other than Life itself, though Life may always have an answer, it turns out that he may not be the best coach on what it takes to succeed at that “life” thing.
“If absurdity is the pillar of comedy, then the premise of Death at your Door is delightfully absurd.” as reviewed by
Death At Your Door is available free of charge at every week and is available in a high res print version for university and college newspapers.
Web Comics: A New Method for Independent Cartoonists
Web comics are a growing independent method of developing, producing and delivering comics, online and free to all people. Skirting the traditional syndication model of distribution of comics, web comics rely on a small but dedicated fan base for success. Keys to success in this bootstrapping business is a willingness to learn and do everything yourself, including all writing, drawing, promotions, coding, deliveries, and sales.
Background of the Creator
Rod Salm (, the writer and illustrator of Death At Your Door, is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba and has been a graphic designer/marketing coordinator with several large national and international companies for over last fifteen years. Having attended the Fine Arts program at University of Manitoba, Rod’s professional development have centered on his career as a graphic artist, while his artistic development spans hosting drawing classes, to illustrating children’s books such as Quintopus and the White Cows That Swim, to working with local artists, such as James Culleton and John Scoles in monetizing their own creative endeavors. Rod’s many interests serve him well in the multi-skill environment of bootstrap web comic development including illustration, writing, coding, print promotions, printing, Google and Facebook advertising and marketing.

~the videos~

The other night I was inking the cover for Nicholas P. Myers Year one collection of The Preciarious Adventures of Newton Von Brisby and I like to have great back ground noise while I work. My studio is right off from the family room, can you hear what the kids were watching while I worked?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Submissions Open Swimsuit Charity book

A.N.A. Comics 2011 Breast Cancer Charity Swimsuit book UPDATE

Hey Everyone!

Do you have a property you would like to get more exposure? A.N.A. Comics is publishing a swimsuit comic book whose profits will be donated to benefit Breast Cancer Research.

We are happy to announce we are opening the doors for a select few creators to donate their creator owned character to the book.

Here are the details:
A.N.A. Comics 2011 Breast Cancer Swimsuit comic book

Room for 10 Creator Owned Illustrations – submissions due AUGUST 31st 2011

Book will be printed in Color – If you want your illustration printed in color, YOU have to color it.

Cost for having your Character included: $0.00
All Illustrations must be approved to be included (No Nudity, Extreme Graphic violence or language)

Release Authorization must be submitted and signed by Intellectual Property Owners to have story included.

Approved submission entries have to be turned in to A.N.A. Comics, formatted and ready for printing by AUGUST 31ST 2011

- The Format specifications can be found here:

Email submissions to :

Book is scheduled to be available through by October 2011.

Ad space is available for $15/half page or $25/full page Advertisement.

Release Authorization – A.N.A COMICS (must fill out completely)

Name of your Character: ______________________________
Intellectual property Owners name/s: ________________________________________
Signing this Release I recognize and Authorize the follow terms:
- I am the owner of the above listed Character/Property
- I Authorize A.N.A. Comics to print my Character Illustration in the 2011 issue of A.N.A. Comics Swimsuit issue, alongside other independent properties.
- I understand by signing this release I am in NO way assigning rights or agreeing to share IP copyright or trademark ownership & I retain full ownership of my property and the ability to reprint my Illustration in any other format I should chose.
- I understand A.N.A. Comics is not obligated to compensate me in anyway.
- I understand I will be able to order copies of the publication for my own personal use, sales, or private distribution for 5% over cost through A.N.A. Comics (aprox: $10.00per book)
- I authorize A.N.A. Comics to utilize my Illustration to publicize the publication provided that all due credit will be listed clearly for myself as owner.
- I understand that A.N.A. Comics will be printing, promoting and distributing copies of this publication online, at comic conventions, art shows, in comic book direct market shops.
- I agree and understand that I can in no way sue for monetary compensation or seek legal action against A.N.A. Comics as I entered this project of my own discretion.
Name of Copyright owner: __________________________________________________
-fill out below info for credits area inside the publication-
Name: _______________________________________ Date:_______________________
Name: _______________________________________ Date:_______________________
Name: _______________________________________ Date:_______________________
Company/Studio: __________________________________________________________
website: _________________________________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________________________________
City/State: ______________________________________ Zip Code: _________________
Signatures :_______________________________________________________________