Monday, January 25, 2010

Web-Comics = A.N.A. Comics + You

Web-Comics = A.N.A. Comics + You

A.N.A. Comics is happy to announce our new initiative for Creators looking to break into web-comics! There are two ways a creator can have their web-comics find their home here at

1. SUBMIT – We are always looking for Creators to team with us, if you would like to submit your web-comic for consideration, please follow our submissions guidelines found here: - some things to remember is that if your web-comic is accepted, there is no cost to you for us to host your property, you retain all rights and ownership, and a contract will be signed and put in place to detail the relationship. A.N.A. Comics also reserves the right to exercise editorial guidance regarding content, art, and quality of the property.

2. PARTNER - A.N.A. Comics is opening up an opportunity for Creators to Partner with A.N.A. Comics in hosting their own web-comics. How the partnership works is a little different than if you submit your work to be part of A.N.A. Comics. Aside from the standard rule of NO excessive violence, sexuality, or other explicit content (being an all ages company we try to keep everything PG-13 at most), a web-comic partnership affords the creators complete independence with their property. A.N.A. Comics will work with you, set up your own website for your comic (example:, and utilize our resources to help you build your property. Similar to the SUBMIT option, all final details will be in writing protecting YOU, A.N.A. Comics, and especially your property.

Packages start at $5/month for a basic web-comic site design, and are available for purchase in 6 month increments. ALL packages have a $25 set up fee.

Level 1 site
6 months @ $5/month (basic site $25 setup fee) = $55
1 year @ $5/month (basic site $25 setup fee) = $85

Level 2 site includes Web-comic logo at the top of site, and one RSS feed in content sidebar.
6 months @ $10/month (Level 2 site $25 setup fee) = $85
1 year @ $10/month (Level 2 site $25 setup fee) = $145

Level 3 site includes everything in level 2 plus 2 additional side bar items: Links, additional RSS feed, etc.
6 months @ $20/month (Level 3 site $25 setup fee) = $55
1 year @ $20/month (Level 3 site $25 setup fee) = $85

Level 4 site includes everything in prior levels and allows unlimited updates and add-ons with site access given to Creator.
6 months @ $30/month (basic site $25 setup fee) = $205
1 year @ $30/month (basic site $25 setup fee) = $285

SPECIAL OFFER: Get 25%off all 1year orders through March 31st 2010!!

Simply email: for more detail or if you have questions you can visit the Board on our website, Thank you!

As part of our initiative, and constant effort to be very candid with our fans and supporters I have included below a very nice Web-comics questionnaire that was posed to me by Freddy over at the Board. This questionnaire was answered by our EIC/VP of Brand Management, Anthony Hary, Enjoy the read:

I would like to first share that I have been part of 5 web-comics prior to coming to A.N.A. Comics. I have learned a lot and have a lot of opinions about web-comics. Many of my answers will be from my current view point and not necessarily where I started with web-comics.

-Why do you do them? I think they are a very unique medium that allow for a lot of freedom of expression at a low monetary investment from the creators.

-Is it for the publicity? Sure. Anyone who creates wants some level of attention. I do NOT however create properties to be in a web-comic format just to get publicity for say a printed property. You can do that, but I think it helps to do a web-comic for what it is. Show it due respect.

-for the practice? That isn't really a motivator, but it is great practice. Especially if you are wanting to draw comic books. Do a web-comic and LEARN your craft. I recommend it.

-is there a story you just had to get out that didn't fit in any other format? No. that has never been an issue.

-How strict are you with deadlines? I am strict with deadlines. (ask Nick lol) But deadlines for web-comics are not like deadlines for a comic book. You have a little more flexibility. Everyone who does web-comics with A.N.A. Comics will be required to have at least 2-3 months of strip updates ready to publish before the web-comic ever goes live. This is just better for everyone.

-How often have you dropped the ball? I've dropped the ball plenty in the past. When I did everything on my own and had no support network. I was updating the website. Doing press, writing, drawing, inking, lettering, and coloring. It was nuts and too much work.

-did you have back-up strips? I had all my strips archived and accessible to new readers if that is what you are asking. I think this is key to success.

-Guest artists/writers? At times I have been a guest artist or writer, but I have never utilized one for myself. I may have to someday. lol

-Do you write and draw your strip yourself? Yes, indeed I did. On a couple I had a co-creator, whom I still work with. Most of the heavy lifting I did alone however.

-are they a series of stand-alone strips(like Garfield?) or do you have a clear story arch scripted that connects each strip OR do you just make it up as you go along? ALL of mine are written before hand, even if its not a timeline based story and it jumps like Garfield. I always knew and know where I am going. This is key in my opinion for a successful strip. You have to have a path mapped out or you can get burned out and feel overwhelmed. But everyone has their own style.

-If you hire a writer (or an artist) how protective are you about your concept? Put EVERYTHING in writing. That is super important. I don’t care who are you are working with. Don’t just protect yourself, protect your investment and that means agreements and contracts are written up before ANY kind of creative collaboration takes place.

-Do you let the other person have creative input on story/design? Yes. If I am on a team for a project, everyone should be welcome to contribute. Its better that way too. Helps with the revision and development process.

-How concerned are you about readership stats? The only stat that matters is that those people who take a chance on us and read our web-comic like it. I want them to like it, love it, come back and read it again. That is the goal. Whether its 10 or 10,000, that stat is still secondary to whether people like it. Now having 10,000 readers is also a goal, and would ROCK!! Things take time and you have to take care of first things first. You gotta put out a GOOD PRODUCT!

Monday, January 18, 2010

what the-?!?

Howdy mahalo shalom, readers!

My name is Richard Caldwell, though I sometimes use the nom de plume of nilskidoo in certain online dealings. I have accepted the offer of joining the A.N.A. team in the form of scribing some upcoming interviews with a variety of stunningly creative and comic book-minded folks, to be posted here and nowhere else in coming months!
If my name is recognized at all, it may be for my spell with ComicNews.Info, where I served time as a reporter, reviewer, columnist, interviewer, and Managing Editor. I've written for other media as well, both online and print, but that site was where I met A.N.A.'s very own Nicholas Myers! So the rumors of us fighting in 'Nam together are unfounded! Mostly!
I am stoked to the Nth to have been invited to write for this blog-group, and hope to take no prisoners! So who will I be interviewing then? Wait and see. Oh, you just wait and see, faithful followers of A.N.A...

But to see what I do in my non-A.N.A. time, just check out my own blogger/blogspot, the sometimes infamous jalopy.
And as is custom with this team, any and all feedback is generally welcome, so fire away.

Face true, front believers! Cheers!

You Gotta Make IT Happen

You Gotta Make IT Happen…

There are a lot of people who talk about how they wish they were making comics. There seems to be an equal amount of folks out there telling you how you can break in to comics. All their advice is good. And by all means, if you want to keep spending your money travelling to convention after convention hoping to woo the eye of an editor and get your shot, by all means do. A.N.A. Comics offers you something else.

We are looking for creators, writers and artists, who are willing to work with us, on an internship type basis. You’ll gain experience and exposure, you’ll have published work you can show to editors rather than a flip portfolio, and you will gain knowledge on yourself and your abilities that you simply cannot gain working alone. You will not however be guaranteed any monetary compensation. We are looking for you to work WITH us, not for us. Our goal is to provide a platform for creators to cut their teeth and create a body of work that will allow time to truly showcase why they are ready to work for the big boys or perhaps they’ll find that independent comics is really where they want to be. Either way is fine, but its up to you to Make IT Happen!!!

If you want to be part of where we are going, head to, join the forum and let’s see what we can Make Happen together.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

“Make IT Happen!!!” - course of A.N.A. Comics in 2010

“Make IT Happen!!!”

Looking too been seen? Have you toiled on your project and often had to fight off the chains of discouragement and doubt? Every creative person has. We at A.N.A. Comics see this as an opportunity. Don’t wait for some big name publisher to give you a ‘shot’. Don’t sit and feel things are meant for you, or that you are owed anything in this business, because you are just fooling yourself. You want to succeed; you surround yourself with likeminded individuals that share similar goals. You set out your course, support each other in your efforts, and then you will see an accomplishment! Join A.N.A. Comics as we move forward in 2010. Join us as we Make IT Happen!!!

What is IT…

“IT” is your goal, what you are going to Make Happen. This isn’t some subscription to forceful tactics or inconsiderate actions just too selfishly attain your goal. NO! Behavior like that isn’t needed to succeed. What are needed are Commitment, and a support network. People who try to say “I did this all on my own” are either rare or completely lying. Also your support network isn’t a group of people that baby you and do things for you, they are a group of people and contacts that work with you and fill in the gaps in areas you may need it. Through this relationship of Commitment and a support network you will create for yourself the opportunity to be able to focus on what you want to do most, which for most of us reading this is CREATE.

Here at A.N.A. Comics 2010 is going to be all about Making IT Happen. With our “We’re Indy” anthology featuring the works of a wide range of independent comic book creators, is set to print this Spring. It will contain the whole spectrum of Indy genre comics, not just what we do here at A.N.A. Comics. Why would we do that? Why invest in putting out a book that features people not with A.N.A. Comics? A.N.A. Comics isn’t just about building our own brand, we are also about supporting the industry as a whole. There is a depth to Indy comics that people rarely get to see, and we want to help these committed creators Make IT Happen for them!

We’re also putting out a Swimsuit benefit issue to support Breast cancer research. This book will contain only A.N.A. Comics owned characters however will feature art from some extremely talented Indy artists! If you are an artist looking for a chance to get published, please email and we’ll send you the information on how to get set up. We have no limit on how many pages will be in this book, just that it will contain the best of the best that we can bring to you. All the while providing another level of exposure to the work of Indy Artists in comics.

Be there when it happens. Or be the one to Make IT Happen!!!

A.N.A. Comics