Thursday, December 29, 2011

As we go into 2012

Noticing some of my comic industry friends posting on the various social media sites on how they think 2012 will be "their year". I have said similar regarding my own creative goals. The industry is only so big and theoretically there is only so much "success" to go around. I would like to officially say to all my creative peers that I truly hope this is your year!!! I hope you achieve new levels of success and get from 2012 all that you hope to, regardless of how my year turns out, I hope you are given your goals. Please keep posting and keep building this industry. Also keep in touch and let me know how you're doing with everything and I will do my best to promote, support, and assist you all as best I can. Let us, together, make 2012 year the best in independent comic book history!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

December 2011 Updates

A.N.A Comics is proud to share that we have teamed with ICG Publishing ( ) - We've already begun doing great work with them and many of our 2012 plans will involve ICG Publishing. They are trying to take independent publishing in a direction that will be exciting to see. Check them out.

December 7th, 2011 – A.N.A Comics Announcements Continued!!

It’s the seventh and I like the number 7 so I thought it’s a good time for another announcement. – A.N.A Comics is restructuring and becoming an LLC in 2012! Thus far A.N.A Comics has worked as a name plate & virtual studio for a few specific private studios and the plan from day one was to reevaluate where we would go in 2012 after in 2009. Now 3 years later and that time is here! We have an amazing group associated with A.N.A Comics and its going to be exciting to grow our brand with the new strength of being a registered Limited Liability Company.

The inner workings of the company are not completely worked out and so I can’t fully share those yet, but I can tell you this: We Moving Forward!!! A.N.A Comics will remain consistent in its effort to focus on story first as an All Ages company. Since 2009 A.N.A Comics has enjoyed modest success in the books we’ve printed, and a very positive reaction to the web-comics we host for free on Our plan is to build on that. No back stepping here. The digital side of A.N.A Comics will continue to grow in 2012 built upon the shoulders of our current active web-comics: Death At Your Door & Miss Ultimate!! Plans are also in the works for the concluding season of The Precarious Adventures of Newton Von Brisby to release next year, which is very exciting!! Along with those properties we have some projects in the works, including Anthony Hary’s Robin Hood, that will be joining them in 2012 and we look forward to sharing those with you when the time comes.

That’s not all, because along with our growing web-comic initiative we are expanding our printing efforts. A.N.A Comics has teamed with ICG Publishing for printing and direct distribution to retailers. We are not looking to use Diamond at this point but instead hope to strengthen both our business and the market as a whole by developing stronger personal relationships with Retailers. Our printing effort is not just becoming more active, but it is also growing.

Four titles we are excited to confirm as the initial four pillars in our publishing efforts are: The Midnight Raider, BRETHREN, Dire Capital, and CRIMSON MASQUERADE. Four unique universes, four unique experiences, all of which are currently in development at A.N.A Comics along with other individual titles and creator owned properties. But that is not all! A.N.A Comics is proudly teaming with Raven Entertainment Studio to bring select titles into the A.N.A Comics fold. Current A.N.A Comics Editor in Chief Anthony Hary will also be serving as EIC for these Raven Entertainment Studios properties.

Lastly, we announced a couple days ago about our “mentorship” program. The next announcement will give greater detail about that program and the third A.N.A Comics initiative to Build the Industry from the Inside out.

December 15th, 2011 – A.N.A Comics Announcements Continued!!!

From the beginning the mentality at A.N.A Comics has been “Make It Happen!!!” – meaning no one is going to do it for us. WE have to put in the time and hard work to make our goals and dreams the reality we enjoy every day!

So far this month we have announced that A.N.A Comics has teamed with ICG Publishing. We’ve talked about the planned growth of A.N.A Comics as an LLC and our publishing plans in both the digital and physical markets. While discussing all of those we touched on how all of these efforts stem from the foundational elements of what makes A.N.A Comics uniquely its own. Today we will touch on the third pillar of the foundation of A.N.A Comics. The ideal that started this venture from day one, in which A.N.A Comics was formed, to be a resource and a supportive element within the industry to help other aspiring creators grow, and get their work out in front of the world and all the while helping them become the best storytellers they can be. Let’s talk about the A.N.A Comics Studio Creator Program!

Since our inception in 2009 A.N.A Comics has worked to provide opportunities for creators to showcase what they do and really shine in front of an audience. In 2010 A.N.A Comics released WE’RE INDY: RISE OF THE INDEPENDENTS – an anthology featuring 11 different properties from independent creators from all over the world. In 2011 we released the A.N.A Comics Swimsuit Special benefiting the fight against Breast Cancer. This book also contained art from independent artists from across the industry who donated their talent and original characters to this Swimsuit Special, and we can’t express how proud we are to have so many great creators who were willing to support that book. Along with those publishing efforts A.N.A Comics has regularly performed “Sketch Challenges” online, originally on forum, and now its moved to the ANACOMICS facebook group page. This friendly competition isn’t about winning or being better than the other participants. It is all about pushing one’s self to meet the challenge and to have fun doing it! As we move into 2012 and this new phase of A.N.A Comics it feels like the right time to do something new, something to hopefully be a full step forward for those ourselves and the creators who work with us.

A.N.A COMICS STUDIO CREATOR PROGRAM – This is an invitation only program. This must be stated from the start so we are on the same page. A.N.A Comics will, for the time being, no longer be reviewing submissions. Rather we are taking a more proactive approach. Instead of following the typical model of waiting to see what comes to us, A.N.A Comics is making decisive plans on where we want to go, and will be actively seeking out individuals who will compliment those plans. These “STUDIO CREATORS” will receive input, critiques, and assistance in growing in their craft whether that be writer, artist, colorist, designer, or letterer, A.N.A Comics will be working with them to help them become the creator and storyteller they want to be. Members of the STUDIO CREATOR PROGRAM will also be featured on A.N.A Comics new website. The site will share a photo, short bio, and a sampling of their finest work, which A.N.A Comics will use to help these creators secure work within the industry. Meaning if someone comes in contact with us and they are in need of a service that we know one of our members can provide, we will advocate on the members behalf and help the two parties connect. Accepting the work will be at the creator’s discretion. As announce previously, A.N.A Comics will continue to print, and publish our own properties. With this in mind, our STUDIO CREATORS will have the ability to accept or decline project opportunities before they will be offered to anyone else.

More than anything A.N.A Comics believes there is a success in being united, being proactive, and being committed to the accomplishment of a common goal. At A.N.A Comics that goal is to produce the best All Ages stories we can, Period. Everyone at A.N.A Comics is committed to that goal, and will pursue it in a united and proactive fashion, all the while pushing ourselves and our studio mates to grow and become better and better in our craft.

Our final December Announcement will post soon, and we will discuss further the A.N.A Comics initiative towards ALL AGES Comics. What does that mean? What is ALL AGES according to A.N.A Comics? Look for that before the end of the year, along with some last minute treats.

Thanks for Reading!