Monday, June 28, 2010

Swimsuit issue looking for contributors

ATTENTION CREATORS: A.N.A. Comics 2010 Breast Cancer Charity Swimsuit book
Hey Everyone!
Do you have a property you would like to get more exposure? A.N.A. Comics is publishing a swimsuit comic book whose profits will be donated to benefit Breast Cancer Research. We are happy to announce we are opening the doors for a select few creators to donate their creator owned character to the book.
Here are the details:
A.N.A. Comics 2010 Breast Cancer Swimsuit comic book
Room for 10 Creator Owned Illustrations – submissions due August 31st 2010
Book will be printed in Color – If you want your illustration printed in color, YOU have to color it.
Cost for having your Character included: $0.00
All Illustrations must be approved to be included (No Nudity, Extreme Graphic violence or language)
Release Authorization must be submitted and signed by Intellectual Property Owners to have story included.
Approved submission entries have to be turned in to A.N.A. Comics, formatted and ready for printing by August 31st 2010 - The Format specifications can be found here:
Email submissions to :
Book is scheduled to be available through by October 2010.
Ad space is available for $15/half page or $25/full page Advertisement.

Release Authorization – A.N.A COMICS (must fill out completely)
Name of your Character: ______________________________
Intellectual property Owners name/s: ________________________________________
Signing this Release I recognize and Authorize the follow terms:
- I am the owner of the above listed Character/Property
- I Authorize A.N.A. Comics to print my Character Illustration in the 2010 issue of A.N.A. Comics Swimsuit issue, alongside other independent properties.
- I understand by signing this release I am in NO way assigning rights or agreeing to share IP copyright or trademark ownership & I retain full ownership of my property and the ability to reprint my Illustration in any other format I should chose.
- I understand A.N.A. Comics is not obligated to compensate me in anyway.
- I understand I will be able to order copies of the publication for my own personal use, sales, or private distribution for 5% over cost through A.N.A. Comics (aprox: $10.00per book)
- I authorize A.N.A. Comics to utilize my Illustration to publicize the publication provided that all due credit will be listed clearly for myself as owner.
- I understand that A.N.A. Comics will be printing, promoting and distributing copies of this publication online, at comic conventions, art shows, in comic book direct market shops.
- I agree and understand that I can in no way sue for monetary compensation or seek legal action against A.N.A. Comics as I entered this project of my own discretion.
Name of Copyright owner: __________________________________________________
-fill out below info for credits area inside the publication-
Name: _______________________________________ Date:_______________________
Name: _______________________________________ Date:_______________________
Name: _______________________________________ Date:_______________________
Company/Studio: __________________________________________________________
website: _________________________________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________________________________
City/State: ______________________________________ Zip Code: _________________
Signatures :_______________________________________________________________

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Join the Rise!!


Many of you may be aware A.N.A. Comics released in May We’re Indy: Rise of the Independents #1. If you haven’t checked it out you can order a copy for yourself for just $10 through


With the great response we have received so far, A.N.A. Comics is excited to announce our plans to have issue 2 put together for Fall of 2011. The whole point to this project is to help showcase the awesome work being done by Independent Creators throughout the comic book industry. If you would like to be a part of our next book, here are the details:

We’re Indy: Rise of the Independents #2
approximately 60 pages
Black & White interior

We’re looking for Writers or full creative teams to submit their Creator Owned property to the project. Each team can only submit ONE property, and the stories need to be between 8 and 12 pages total. You MUST be the owner of the property to submit it for consideration. You will be required to sign a release form granting A.N.A. Comics permission to print your property. Owners retain 100% ownership of their property. A.N.A. Comics assumes no rights or liabilities regarding your intellectual property beyond the written permission to include it in the Anthology.
You will NOT be paid, nor will you be charged to participate. A.N.A. Comics is simply interested in helping you to promote your project.

Creators included in the project will have the opportunity to purchase copies of the Anthology at 5% over cost, to sell at shows and distribute to their fans however they see fit.

For those Writers who do not have complete creative teams but a story they would like to submit, we encourage you to do so. A.N.A. Comics is interested in helping talented Writers get the attention they deserve. We have 3 slots set aside specifically for Writers in this position.

More info as it develops, we look forward to hearing from you.

Anthony ANMPH Hary
VP of Brand Management/EIC