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Studio Creator: Meghan Wright

Meghan Wright - Colorist / Letterer / Designer

Meghan has been a Colorist/Designer with A.N.A Comics for almost 2 years. She has worked on prints, logo designs, coloring for web-comics, and is currently part of the creative team for The Midnight Raider! She sits down with to let us get to know her a little bit better:

____________ "We know you are busy with all the work you are doing for the new A.N.A Comics website so we'll keep this short and sweet for now. What are your interests?"

Meghan: "Besides the many splendid things that are David Tennant, Bones, Dr. Who, various other TV programs, and of course BATMAN, my interests are quite simple: Being creative." "What creative skills do you bring to A.N.A Comics?"

Meghan: "I went to college to be a Graphic Designer. Since then I have been pursuing work as a Digital Comic Book Colorist and Letterer." "Please share with us what projects have you worked on or created?"

Meghan: "Currently I am working hard as Colorist and Letterer on, The Midnight Raider. I am also the Colorist for, Anthony Hary's Robin Hood, a Web-Comic still in production. Before these projects I was the Colorist on Nicholas P. Myers' Web-Comic, The Precarious Adventures of Newton Von Brisby. That project was great fun, but is currently on hiatus while Nicholas finishes other obligations." "You certainly have done a lot in your short career. What then are your creative goals for the future?"

Meghan: "Simply put: To be better than I was yesterday."

You can follow Meghan Wright's journey of improvement here:

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Studio Creator: Alfredo Lopez Jr

Alfredo Lopez Jr.

Known by many as Freddy Lopez, his beautiful rendering fused with an unbridled imagination make his work unmistakable. Truly one of the biggest talents of his generation, it’s a treat to introduce him to you:
______ “From your energetic line style to your surreal color rendering its obvious to see you’ve been impacted by many sources in your growth as an artist, what are some of your personal interests?

Alfredo: “My interests include long walks on alien beaches, watching paint dry, staying 50 yards away from Molly Ringwald at all times and breeding flesh-eating zombie bunnies.” “Now with your amazing talent, and other worldly interests, what do you do with your skills?”

Alfredo: “I work as a colorist specializing in comic covers and do illustration and concept artwork for comics and games.” “Share with us, please, where you have applied your talents?”

Alfredo: “My client list has included: Rogue Games, Bregent Marketing, A.N.A Comics, Twomorrows Publishing, Ape Entertainment, Image/Shadowline Comics, Markosia Publishing and others.” “Where do you go from here? What are your creative goals?”

Alfredo: “I'd love to work on more concept art as well as collaborate with more artists to bring my style to their cover projects.”

Alfredo’s portfolio can be found at as well as on Facebook at

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Studio Creator: Adrian Wilkins

Adrian Wilkins

Adrian Wilkins is a founding member of A.N.A Comics. His drive for the industry and commitment to creating an avenue for quality storytelling were huge catalysts in the creation of A.N.A Comics. Now he talks a bit with us:
_______ “Look at you! You’re the kinda guy where everything you do is synanimus with the word BIG. From your stature to your style, you go big or go home. Share with us a bit about the “who” behind the “what” you are. What are your interests?”

Adrian: “My interests are all over the place. They go from Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) to Pro Wrestling to sports in general and back to Comic Books and Film/Television production.” “That is quite the range. From all of those interests, what creative skills do you being to A.N.A Comics?”

Adrian: “Creatively I focus on two fields. I'm a writer as well as a freelance photographer.” “Over the course of your career, what projects have you worked on or created?”

Adrian: “I worked on a short format book called ‘Outlaw Angel’ with Will Caligan that was published in an anthology called Cereal & Pajamas that was published through APE Entertainment. With A.N.A Comics I have contributed Editorial oversight on projects including WE’RE INDY: Rise of the Independents Anthology, and the 2011 A.N.A Comics Breast Cancer Charity Swimsuit Special. Right now I am in the middle of creating an original and unique super power "universe".” “What are your creative goals?”

Adrian: “To have my stories told to the world and help other writers out there that hope to do the same.”

If you are interested in seeing Adrian’s photography work, visit this link:

Studio Creator: Kat Hary

Kat Hary

(8 year old Kat, future Storytelling superstar!)

Kat Hary is the Co-Creator of THE MIDNIGHT RAIDER and is currently writing volume 1. Planned to be released in the Summer of 2012 as a Four issue mini-series through A.N.A Comics.

Kat's has Created or Co-Created: The Midnight Raider, The Osprey, Black Terrapin, and characters set to appear within the BRETHREN: Universe.

Studio Creator: Anthony Hary

Anthony Hary - Cinematic Illustrator / Storyteller / Editor

Creator, Illustrator, Storyteller, and Entrepreneur, Anthony Hary, sits down with to talk about his career, his creations, and the future of A.N.A Comics!

________ “For many people when they think of A.N.A Comics, they think of you and your involvement in the company, but what about you as a person? What are your interests?”

Anthony: “My interests cycle a lot around storytelling and creating an experience for my audience. That’s in everything from comics to cooking. I love comic books, have since I was 8 or 9 years old. Really I love visual storytelling. Which obviously includes Comic books and Graphic Novels, but also encompasses Film and Television, even Video games. After that my interests widen out greatly towards a wide variety of music, and down to simple moments like just sitting and talking with friends.” “Being one of the founding members of A.N.A Comics, you’d think we’d know by now, but we’ll ask anyways. What are your creative skills?”

Anthony: “I coined the term somewhere in 2009 that what I do is ‘Cinematic Illustration’. Its close enough to reality to know exactly what it is, but stylized enough to be visually appealing as an illustration. My primary weapon is the pencil. I will ink, or color as needed, but my greatest strength is in my penciling. Secondary to that is my skill as a writer/editor. For me there is a benefit to knowing and understanding as much of the industry as I can and through that I also have a grasp on the basics of many other practices.” “You’ve been active in the industry for around 10 years now. During that time what projects have you worked on or created yourself?”

Anthony: “I have contributed to many independent books, along with illustrating private commissions for clients and fans, but was it fun about where I am at with my career today, is that its like a full circle growth from where I started. My first full effort into the world comic books as a creator started with BRETHREN, which was originally a web-comic. I was co-writing, penciling, inking, and lettering BRETHREN when we started out. Now, after years of doing all sorts of other things, its fun to be working on these Creator Owned projects again and one of them is BRETHREN! I am also the artist and co-creator of The Midnight Raider! Along with that I have provided covers for different books, including WE’RE INDY: Rise of the Independents Anthology, HARIJAN TPB, and the first volume of TPANVB, all of which were published through A.N.A Comics.” “After all you have done, do you have any further creative goals you are striving for?”

Anthony: “So far in my career I have accomplished much of what I have set out to do, but I have a lot left on my goals list! First and foremost it’s great to have accomplished what I have, but I have done all that while still working a fulltime day job. A huge goal for me is to shed the day job and move into working on my craft full time. Along with that I have some great projects in the pipeline and I plan to complete those, along with the work I am doing on The Midnight Raider and BRETHREN.”

More Anthony Hary on the Web? Just visit ANTHONYHARY.COM

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Studio Creator: Richard Evans

Richard Evans - Writer / Founder of Raven Entertainment Studio

Richard Evans is a visionary writer and the founder of Raven Entertainment Studio. He is the Creator of LEGION UNLEASHED, CANADIAN LEGION, BLACK FLAG and is also the Co-Creator of The Midnight Raider.

A.N.A Comics has joined forces with Richard Evans to bring select properties from Raven Entertainment Studio under our umbrella to aid in the development, oversight, and publication of these properties. We are very excited to share them with you.

Stay tuned!

Visit Richard's Blog HERE

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Studio Creator: Rob Sherman

Rob Sherman – Artist / Cinematic Illustrator / Storyteller

One of the Artists involved in the upcoming BRETHREN:Universe titles, Rob Sherman, sits down with to talk about Comics, Art, and being a Gym Rat...

________ “ Now Rob, you are one of the newer members of A.N.A Comics, but you are no stranger to the world of comic books. Please share with us what are your interests?”

Rob: “That’s right, I just signed on with A.N.A Comics in December 2011. Which is AWESOME!!! As far as interests go, I have a few. In no particular order...I love comics, film, and music. I'm also a bit of a gym rat.” “From what we here there are some exciting things in the pipeline for you at A.N.A Comics, and though you cant elaborate on that at the moment, how about a hint by sharing with us your creative skills?”

Rob: “Mostly the wielding of a pencil and pen, are my current focus. Along with being an illustrator I enjoy writing and the total storytelling process. I also have some knowledge of film and audio production.” “What projects have you worked on or created?”

Rob: “I've designed a few posters for local Minnesota bands. I've had a Shawn Michaels tribute piece published in WWE magazine. I've also done commissioned pieces for friends and family. But for the most part my venture with A.N.A Comics will be my first opportunity to really create something on a larger scale.” “Well, we are happy to have you with is! With this new opportunity, what are your creative goals?”

Rob: “To take part in the creation of a story that inspires and teaches people. Some of the greatest lessons I have learned in life have been through comics, film, and music. I would like to know that I'm a part of something like that and to know that I touched people on that level. I want to create something that when someone walks away from experiencing it they say to themselves "WOW!" Also, I hope to be able to make a living telling those stories. We all need to eat right?”

Keep up with Rob Sherman and his developing career at


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Studio Creator: Nicholas P. Myers

Nicholas P. Myers

Creator, Artist, Writer and the mastermind behind the 312 page epic graphic novel OASIS: OMNIBUS, sits down to answer a few questions with us:

--------- “Hey Nicholas, you have been with A.N.A Comics from their earliest days in 2009, tell us a bit about yourself. What things do you find that interest you the most?”

Nicholas: “I love finding and reading new Indie print comics and new web-comics. They're very entertaining and also provide some insight into what other creators are thinking and doing. I'm an avid reader of science fiction, some fantasy, and alternate history books, along with everything Stephen King. Right now I'm reading a compilation of mythologies from around the world.” “Describe for us your ‘Creative Skills’.”

Nicholas: “Through my formal training, I have a BFA in Visual Communication/Graphic Design with a minor in illustration. I consider myself an artist/writer. I think they both have to coincide. In order to create an illustration, you have to create the story that illustration exists in. I write and illustrate almost all of my own work. I pencil and ink my own work and have inked other's work as well. I'm working on creating a skill set of coloring as well.” “You mentioned that you write and illustrate most of your own work. What projects have you worked on or created?”

Nicholas: “I've written, illustrated and produced a 312 page graphic novel, OASIS: OMNIBUS. After that I independently released a three issue mini-series, HARIJAN, which was collected into a trade paperback through A.N.A Comics in 2010. Most recently I produced the web-comic, The Precarious Adventures of Newton Von Brisby, through A.N.A Comics, along with releasing a collected print edition of the first year’s worth of stories.” “You have accomplished quite a bit in your career. We get the distinct impression though that you are not finished yet, do you have further creative goals?”

Nicholas: “I would love to have enough exposure so that everyone could get lost in my worlds. I love to create entire worlds around my stories. Ideally I will be able to continue to do that, and retain creative control over my properties. I believe that as an artist and writer I need to continuously work to improve my craft. There is never a time where you can stop and say, "I made it.”

Currently I am working on pencilling and inking an incredibly exciting project for Richard Evans (Legion Unleashed), along with finalizing the details on some planned 2012 projects being released through A.N.A Comics!”

Where can you find Mr. Myers on the internet?

On-line store:
And of course, our A.N.A Comics site: