Monday, January 2, 2012

Studio Creator: Meghan Wright

Meghan Wright - Colorist / Letterer / Designer

Meghan has been a Colorist/Designer with A.N.A Comics for almost 2 years. She has worked on prints, logo designs, coloring for web-comics, and is currently part of the creative team for The Midnight Raider! She sits down with to let us get to know her a little bit better:

____________ "We know you are busy with all the work you are doing for the new A.N.A Comics website so we'll keep this short and sweet for now. What are your interests?"

Meghan: "Besides the many splendid things that are David Tennant, Bones, Dr. Who, various other TV programs, and of course BATMAN, my interests are quite simple: Being creative." "What creative skills do you bring to A.N.A Comics?"

Meghan: "I went to college to be a Graphic Designer. Since then I have been pursuing work as a Digital Comic Book Colorist and Letterer." "Please share with us what projects have you worked on or created?"

Meghan: "Currently I am working hard as Colorist and Letterer on, The Midnight Raider. I am also the Colorist for, Anthony Hary's Robin Hood, a Web-Comic still in production. Before these projects I was the Colorist on Nicholas P. Myers' Web-Comic, The Precarious Adventures of Newton Von Brisby. That project was great fun, but is currently on hiatus while Nicholas finishes other obligations." "You certainly have done a lot in your short career. What then are your creative goals for the future?"

Meghan: "Simply put: To be better than I was yesterday."

You can follow Meghan Wright's journey of improvement here:

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