Monday, January 2, 2012

Studio Creator: Alfredo Lopez Jr

Alfredo Lopez Jr.

Known by many as Freddy Lopez, his beautiful rendering fused with an unbridled imagination make his work unmistakable. Truly one of the biggest talents of his generation, it’s a treat to introduce him to you:
______ “From your energetic line style to your surreal color rendering its obvious to see you’ve been impacted by many sources in your growth as an artist, what are some of your personal interests?

Alfredo: “My interests include long walks on alien beaches, watching paint dry, staying 50 yards away from Molly Ringwald at all times and breeding flesh-eating zombie bunnies.” “Now with your amazing talent, and other worldly interests, what do you do with your skills?”

Alfredo: “I work as a colorist specializing in comic covers and do illustration and concept artwork for comics and games.” “Share with us, please, where you have applied your talents?”

Alfredo: “My client list has included: Rogue Games, Bregent Marketing, A.N.A Comics, Twomorrows Publishing, Ape Entertainment, Image/Shadowline Comics, Markosia Publishing and others.” “Where do you go from here? What are your creative goals?”

Alfredo: “I'd love to work on more concept art as well as collaborate with more artists to bring my style to their cover projects.”

Alfredo’s portfolio can be found at as well as on Facebook at

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