Monday, January 2, 2012

Studio Creator: Adrian Wilkins

Adrian Wilkins

Adrian Wilkins is a founding member of A.N.A Comics. His drive for the industry and commitment to creating an avenue for quality storytelling were huge catalysts in the creation of A.N.A Comics. Now he talks a bit with us:
_______ “Look at you! You’re the kinda guy where everything you do is synanimus with the word BIG. From your stature to your style, you go big or go home. Share with us a bit about the “who” behind the “what” you are. What are your interests?”

Adrian: “My interests are all over the place. They go from Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) to Pro Wrestling to sports in general and back to Comic Books and Film/Television production.” “That is quite the range. From all of those interests, what creative skills do you being to A.N.A Comics?”

Adrian: “Creatively I focus on two fields. I'm a writer as well as a freelance photographer.” “Over the course of your career, what projects have you worked on or created?”

Adrian: “I worked on a short format book called ‘Outlaw Angel’ with Will Caligan that was published in an anthology called Cereal & Pajamas that was published through APE Entertainment. With A.N.A Comics I have contributed Editorial oversight on projects including WE’RE INDY: Rise of the Independents Anthology, and the 2011 A.N.A Comics Breast Cancer Charity Swimsuit Special. Right now I am in the middle of creating an original and unique super power "universe".” “What are your creative goals?”

Adrian: “To have my stories told to the world and help other writers out there that hope to do the same.”

If you are interested in seeing Adrian’s photography work, visit this link:

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