Monday, October 12, 2009

Anmph's FallCON 2009 Report part 1

:::The following is taken from Anthony Hary's personal Blog:::

2009 FallCON report – part one

There wasn’t much denying it, the excitement could not be cooled by brisk weather here in MN this weekend. The 21st annual MCBA FallCON comic book celebration was the largest and most ambitious effort made to date by the MCBA and I would like to share with you my experience from this years FallCON.

-Last minute bad news

This year’s FallCON was more than just the 21st time this show would take place, but it was the FIRST time that A.N.A. Comics would appear as a group in a show. Sadly due to health issues that are not my place to disclose, Nicholas P. Myers was un able to be there for the show. It was disappointing, but also a blessing in disguise. In the end it turned out to be a good thing, let me explain:

At last year’s BIG 20th anniversary show, I shared a table with another creator as part of Blue Collar Studios, a joint venture we were trying out. This was our 3rd show appearing together at a table. Needless to say after two years people were getting used to seeing us together. A couple months after FallCON2008 I had to make some changes to my priorities, and that I was going to need to back off the projects we had going on to get things right with my family and my home life. I was spreading myself too thin and it was either make this call or burn out, and I emailed him about these things I needed to do. In all of this I never said I wouldn’t have any interest in working with him in the future, but rather that I still wanted to. These other things, my family, had to come first. I soon got my reply from this other creator. He simply said “ We are done, I have nothing left to say to you.” He was an unmarried man with no one to care for but himself, and perhaps that made it hard to grasp the importance of my decision. Regardless I emailed back expressing my apologies and that I had no ill feelings toward him and didn’t understand his anger, but wished him the best. From that moment on, as he said, We were Done.

Fast forward to this year’s FallCON2009 and here I am at a table all by myself; in fact it was in the same spot that I was in last year just one table over. He was there also, but on the other end of the room at a table with a different guy… wouldn’t you know PEOPLE NOTICED!! On top of that, they asked me about it. And so I wanted address it openly to avoid any unnecessary rumors. We have decided to go separate ways. He is doing his thing and I hope nothing but success for him. I have gone on to get my projects tightly organized, co-founded A.N.A. COMICS and things are going great.

Though it was hard to hear that my table mate was dealing with his health situation, it was fun to be the star for a weekend. I won’t lie about it. I loved it. Loved having the table for myself and just rocking it out. Look for Nick to be at MicroCON though, let’s keep hoping.

-All the UN-Usual suspects

I had Meghan with me again as my assistant for the how. She is the best. MicroCON2009 she was my assistant and it was my best MicroCON EVER, true to form, she is helped make this my best FallCON EVER!!! Ben was there also, He was going to be Nicks assistant but with that not being a factor, Ben stayed true to his pattern and did some shopping, took a few photos of the show that I will post in part two of my FallCON2009 report. He also helped with covering the table and was a real pinch hitter during the weekend. Their help make it possible for me to just focus on the attendants , talking with them and doing sketches for fans.

Seemed that all the local favorites showed up this year for the show, with a nice sprinkling of new faces. FallCON2009 boasted over 225 total guest creators, which included comic book artists, writers, sculptors, puppeteers and prop makers. Along with those crazy cats we also had loads of dealers offering new and classic comics, toys, games, and specialty products. We even had a guy that had a book where he sold creative supplies. That was fun.

One thing that is fun for me at the show is that it is pretty much the only time I get to catch up with or say hello to other creators that I respect and have developed friendships with. I didn’t get to visit as much this year, which is NOT a bad thing. Just means I was busy. I did get to say hello to some of my favorite creators such as: My good buddy Tom Nguyen (inker on GL&GLC also an author through impact publishing art instruction books), Chad Spilker & Chris Rich-Mckelvey (who I think of as the dynamic duo of hot chick art work, were there), Doug Mahnke popped in for a quick cameo Saturday and rocked the show Sunday, it’s always a pleasure to see him. Brent Schoonover, one of the brightest stars shining here in MN brought it to the show. Always a highlight for me is seeing Gordon Smuder, If you haven’t checked out TVTV you are missing out. Then to round it all out I had a great time visiting with JJ, Christina, and David Kocholek, the minds and hearts behind the McGuffin Exchange (great comic, read it, especially if you want to get a break from the normal boring superhero format out there).

The best part of my weekend was all the awesome folks that stopped and visited with me at my table. Met some new faces and a whole slew of familiar ones, let’s take a moment to thank: Lisa, Mike, See, John, Alex, Mike, Mark , Steve, Kelly, Brian, lil’ Justus and his family, Austin & Kristi, Chad, Willis, and a guy I just loved visiting with over the weekend, Jeff. You are the man! Thank you to all the other fans and friends that stopped in, my Mom for sneaking in at the end of Saturday just to see her son chasing the dream!

See, it was tops visiting with you, and I can NOT wait for the awesome art we are going to create over the next few months.

-All in for Canada

The big goal for me this weekend money wise was just to make enough to make it to C4 in Winnipeg Canada the 31st of Oct-1st November. It is one of the fastest growing shows with an attendance well over 16,000 in 2008 (from 1200 in 2005!) and it is Central Canada's largest convention celebrating the best in comic books, science fiction, gaming, anime, fantasy, horror and pop culture!


Big thanks to everyone who bought sketches, ordered commissions and purchased BRETHREN: Beginnings. Thanks to you I can make this show without putting some abnormally dumb stress on the family finances. That is always my goal in my work in comics, Can I keep making enough to keep making comics. This past weekend brought all that to a whole other level. If you plan to go to C4 or want to check out its info visit: and I will be a guest in artist alley, come by and say hello!

This year has been a humbling year of seeing how much what I do is so reliant on whether you awesome people out there support it with your hard earned cash, and please know that I don’t take that for granted. Thank you very much for making this my most successful year in comics. My most eventful year as an artist, and I hope you keep thinking I am good enough to keep around.

Stay tuned for Part 2 coming soon….with PICTURES!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Wild & Wonderful Wednesday (late) - FallCON 2009 Edition

Hello everyone!

Anthony Hary here! Thanks for tuning in.

Tomorrow marks the start of the 21st annual MCBA Comic book Celebration lovingly known as FallCON! This will be my 6th FallCON, and this year I will be joined by Nicholas P. Myers, Creator of Harijan and The Precarious Adventures of Newton Von Brisby – web comic appearing on Nicholas is also the VP of IP Management at A.N.A. Comics and founder of Floating Island Press. This is his FIRST appearance at FallCON and we are both very excited for the show.


Huge news for the show is the release of BRETHREN: Beginnings! Inside you will find the first part to the upcoming BRETHREN mini-series that starts Spring 2010. It’s an exciting first look at the world of BRETHREN. You are introduced to our two main characters: Tax and Lotus, along with a view of the mystery behind the origin of the world they live in. BRETHREN: Beginnings is a jam-packed Primer that is a MUST READ!

We’ll have a limited number of copies available at FallCON for purchase.

BRETHREN: Beginnings was Written, Illustrated, Lettered and formatted by Anthony Hary, who will be at the show to sign Your copy when you come to pick it up! Additional merchandise for BRETHREN is also available!! We’ll have an 11/17 inch Mini-Poster and Special Convention Exclusive BRETHREN Bookmarks. Be sure and stop by to meet the creator and get your merchandise right away on Saturday so you don’t miss out!!

A.N.A. Comics invades FallCON!!!
Along with the release of BRETHREN: Beginnings, the guys from A.N.A. Comics are bringing another FallCON special!!

A.N.A. Comics: Welcome to Our World

This book contains around 40 pages of previews of art and story, along with an interview with the Founders of A.N.A. Comics – Adrian Wilkins (President), Nicholas P. Myers (VP of IP Management), and Anthony “ANMPH” Hary (EIC/ VP of Brand Management)! Within those pages you will get a rare look at the projects coming out through A.N.A. Comics in the next year. It is also the ONLY book that you can get printed pages from Nicholas P. Myers’ web-comic TPANVB. There is too much awesome stuff in this book to not pick it up for just $5!

Visit for all the info on admission cost and hours for FallCON!

We will See YOU there!!!