Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wild & Wonderful Wednesdays

Here is the comic release list for your local direct retailer for WEDNESDAY - OCT 20

25 to Life #2
Amory Wars KSOSE 3 #5
Archie #614
Azrael #13
Batman and Robin #15
Batman Beyond #5
Betty & Veronica DD #185
Boys Highland Laddie #3
Brightest Day #12
Bruce Wayne TRH Catwoman #1
Bruce Wayne TRH C. Gordon #1
Calling Cthulhu Chronicles #4
Carnage #1
Chaos War #2
Conan the Cimmerian #24
Daredevil #511 SL
Darkwing Duck #5
DC Universe Legacies #6
DCU Halloween Special 2010 #1
Deadpool #28
DMZ #58
Doctor Solar Man of Atom #3
Doctor Who Ongoing #16
Donald Duck & Friends #359
DV8 Gods and Monsters #7
Fables #99
Farscape Ongoing #12
Gen 13 #38
Ghostbusters Holiday Special
GI Joe a RAH #159
Green Hornet PL #4
Green Hornet Year One #6
Green Lantern Corps #53 - BD
Guarding the Globe #2
Halo FORBC #2
Haunt #10
Hellblazer #272
Hulk #26
Ides of Blood #3
Image Firsts Mage #1
JP Murder of King Tut #5
JM Dead Soldier #2
JLA #50
Kick-Ass 2 #1
KODT Black Hands 2010 #1
Last Unicorn #5
Legion of Super Heroes #6
Logans Run #4
Loki #1
Morning Glories #3
Muppet Show #11
New Mutants #18
Night o/t Living Dead #1
Off HandbookMU A to Z #4
Pilot Season 7 DFH#1
Power Girl #17
Punisher Max TUWorld #1
Ragman Suit of Souls #1
Ratchet and Clank #2
Shadowland Power Man #3 SL
Simpsons Comics #171
Sixth Gun #5
Skullkickers #2
Soulfire Vol Two #8
Spirit #7
Stan Lee Soldier Zero #1
Stand Hardcases #4
ST Captains Log Jellico (one shot)
Stargate Vala Mal Doran #4
Steve Rogers Super-Soldier #4
Supergirl #57
Superman Batman #77
Tales of the Dragon GITV#2
Telara Chronicles #2
Thor First Thunder #2
Thousand Arts One Shot
Tiny Titans #33
Tony & Cleo #2 & 3
Transformers Drift #4
True Blood #4
Turf #3
UC New Ultimates #4
V.Price Presents #21 & 22
Walking Dead #78
WS Presents Tek War #8
WS Quest for Tomorrow #1
X-23 #2
X-Factor #210
X-Files 30 Days of Night #4
Alice the 101st Vol 2
Amory Wars KSOSE 3 TP
Astro City the DA Book 2 HC
Blab World Vol 1 HC
Black Butler Vol 3
Blood Rose Easter 1916 GN
C. Sakura DH Omnibus Vol 1
Charles Burns X GN
Chi Sweet Home Vol 3
Classics Mutilated MMPB
Daniel X Manga Vol 1
DC + Year by Year Chronicle HC
Dragon Girl Vol 1
Dragon Puncher Book 1 HC
Essential Avengers Vol 3
Farscape Uncharted Tales Vol 1
FC Legion of 3 Worlds TP
GPC Doubles the Spider Vol 17
Green Hornet Chronicles SC
Hardy Boys NC Files Vol 1
Heart Transplant
Hellblazer India TP
Henry & Glenn Forever GN
Hero Tales Vol 4
Higurashi When they Cry Vol 9
HJ Ward HC
Horror Comics Didn't Want You
Hulk Vol 5
Hulk Vol 6 HC
Imagination Manifesto Vol 1 HC
Johnny Boo Vol 4 HC
Kevin Smiths Green Hornet Vol 1
Kingyo Used Books Vol 2
Luthor HC
March Story Vol 1
Marvel Her-oes TP
Marvel Zombies 5 HC
M. of H. Suzumiya Vol 7
M. of S. Haruhi Chan Vol 1
NU 20th Century Boys Vol 11
Night School Vol 4
Nightmare World Vol 2
Omamori Himari Vol 1
Pandora Hearts Vol 3
Picture This HC
P. Superpowers Chapte r2 Vol 2
Saga of Rex TP
Showcase Superman Vol 1
Sin City Vol 1
Soul Eater Vol 4
Spawn Origins Vol 2 HC
Spider-man Gauntlet Vol 3
Spider-man Grim Hunt HC
Superman Archives Vol 8 HC
Sweeter Side of R Crumb SC
Thor vs Hercules TP
Tokyo Underground Vol 2 HC
UD Love Revolution Vol 2
UCs Avengers C&PHC
Vagabond Vol 33
Vampire Knight Official FB
Victorian Undead TP
Wrong Place GN
WWE Heroes Vol 1
X-Factor Vol 9
X-Men Forever Vol 5
Y the Last Man Vol 4 HC
Zombie Loan Vol 10
Zombo Can I Eat You Please TP
Zorro Matanzas TP
2000 AD Pack Sep 2010
CSN #1218 - FREE!
Doctor Who #426
Dodgem Logic #4 & 5
Fangoria #298
Locus #597
Torchwood #23 Special
CM Figs - Gladiator
CM Figs - Grim Reaper
CM Figs - Annihilus
CM Figs - Drax Destroyer
Clem Lemon Plush
DC Dynamics GL Statue
DC Figs - Black Lightning
DC Figs - Cosmic Boy
DC Figs - Jonah Hex
DC Figs - Mr Freeze
Domo Party Lights
Guillotine Model Kit
Kick Ass Hit Girl 12" AF
Peanuts Snoopy Fig Set
Pez Snow White Set
SW Figs - R2D2
SW Figs - A. Ackbar
SW Figs - Darth Maul
SW Figs - Chewbacca
SW Figs - AT-TE
SW Figs - Sandcrawler
SW Figs - Tank Droid
SW Figs - T16 Skyhopper
SW Lightsaber Chopsticks
SW Logo Bookends
Vampiresmarts CG
WOZ Flying Monkey Statue
And much more!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Cancer Initiative - A.N.A. Comics 2010 - Fighting Breast Cancer

October 15th, 2010

Many are already aware that A.N.A. Comics is working on producing a special swimsuit pin-up comic book, with profits from the book being donated to Breast Cancer Research. This is an all volunteer process. From the Artists to the Editor, no one is being compensated monetarily for their contributions to this project, which now has a 2011 projected release date.

From working on the A.N.A. Comics Swimsuit Charity book we have become more aware of the statistics around those with cancer. It has been an eye opening experience, and it got us thinking.

It is our pleasure to announce that A.N.A. Comics will donate a percentage of its profits on every project towards Breast Cancer Research going forward!

And we mean EVERYTHING. If you see one of the A.N.A. Comics founders at a Comic Convention or Event & you pick up copies of any A.N.A. Comics book, print, or other merchandise a portion of the profits made form that sale will be donated towards Breast Cancer Research. This can also include purchasing of original art, commissions, and private sales.

To kick it off, Anthony Hary, current Editor in Chief & VP of Brand Management will be at MCBA FallCON ( http://midwestcomicbook.com ) this Saturday, October 16th from 10am to 4pm. He will have original art, prints, calendar posters, books & more for sale, along with doing Con-Sketches and taking commission orders. A portion of all profits from this show will be donated towards Breast Cancer Research.

Please, take a moment to spread the word and support A.N.A. Comics. Support the fight against breast cancer. We can all make a difference!

Make It Happen!!!


Monday, October 11, 2010

A.N.A.Comics' Co-Founder/EIC to be at FallCON

Hey Everyone, Anthony ANMPH Hary checking in. Its been a while, so lets get to it!

This Saturday is the One Day Wonder - FallCON!! I will be there with 11x17color prints for sale, original art, books, and I will also be doing sketches all day for just $20!! You may remember the announcement made that the MCBA made SpringCON thier big 2 day show, and reduced FallCON to the more personal single day event. So dont miss out on the fun and mayhem this saturday. Below is all the info as of today, give it a read, pass it around, and make a point to be at FallCON this Saturday, Oct. 16th, open from 10am to 4pm!!

FallCon 2010 Update
Hello Everyone!
The date for FallCon is quickly approaching! Yes, it’s the MCBA 2010 FallCon Comic Book Party at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds, coming up on Saturday, October 16!
The all-volunteer, not-for-profit, Midwest Comic Book Association has been hard at work putting together the fantastic event we call FallCon, aka “The One Day Wonder!” You’re invited to participate and we really hope you’re able to make it! In addition, we hope that you’ll consider inviting your friends and family to attend FallCon as well. Over the past few years our community has grown significantly larger and it’s been a lot of fun to be part of the excitement!
As always, there’ll be a lot to see and do at FallCon! It’s great way to spend a Fall day with your family & friends! So please plan to come early and stay late!
Saturday – October 16 – 2010 – 10AM to 4PM at the centrally located Minnesota State Fairgrounds! In the Progress Center! It’s all true! Once again, the MCBA FallCon is returning to the 45,000 square foot Minnesota State Fair Progress Center. This spacious, historical building provides enough room for all of the extreme comic book action to take place under one roof, in one giant room!
Jumpin’ Joe’s Charity Booth/Rummage Sale!For the second consecutive year, the MCBA will be having a Charity Booth/Rummage Sale. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to our two charities, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and the Minnesota Lupus Foundation, and this year we’re inviting you to help out! Click to find out how YOU can participate!
MCBA FALLCON 2010 Guest List as of Today!
MCBA FALLCON 2010 Dealer List as of Today!
* UNUSUAL DISPLAYS will be found throughout FallCon this year! Make sure you circulate throughout the whole building–otherwise you might miss something new and exciting!* FREE PARKING! Follow the signs when entering the fairgrounds via the Snelling Avenue main entrance.* FREE GRAB BAGS to the first 500 FallCon Attendees on Saturday!* FREE Creator Autographs!* ONCE AGAIN, the MCBA will be supporting three charities at FallCon. They are the Minnesota Lupus Foundation (http://www.lupusmn.org/), the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (http://www.cbldf.org/) and the Minnesota Food Shelves.* THERE WILL BE an ATM in the building, located near the front entrance.