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A.N.A. Comics – 2010 Swimsuit Issue benefitting Breast Cancer Research Details.

A.N.A. Comics – 2010 Swimsuit Issue benefitting Breast Cancer Research Details.

Attention Artists!!

A.N.A. Comics is putting together a Swimsuit Issue to benefit Breast Cancer Research scheduled to print in October of 2010. If you would be interesting in donating your talents for the book please continue reading!

A.N.A. Comics 2010 Swimsuit Special #1
Printed in Full Color
Cover by a Superstar Artist TBA
32 pieces of Art
All Characters featured are owned by A.N.A. Comics

NOT AN ARTIST?? You can donate towards the publication of this book, anything over $10 also secures you a copy of the book for yourself!! Just click this button to make a donation of any amount you are comfortable will. Thank you!!

Artists interested in contributing read through the following requirements for being included:

1. Artist must submit sample of your art for approval to work on project, not all submissions will be approved. If brought on as a contributing Artist, your illustration is subject to editorial review and you will be asked to make adjustments if needed to ensure continuity for the book.

2. Artist is asked to send original art to A.N.A. Comics to be auctioned off to benefit the charity.

3. A.N.A. Comics will not be compensating for your work as this is a charity book, however will make sure every contributing artist will receive at least 5 complimentary copies of the book.

4. If an artist is only a Pencil illustrator, A.N.A. Comics will work with them to get work inked and colored for the book if they do not have a team in place.

5. Artist will be asked to sign an agreement with A.N.A. Comics regarding the project.

6. No cost for the project will be passed on to, nor will any money be asked from the artist to be included on this project.

7. All Characters pictured in the book are owned by A.N.A. Comics, due to liability issues and copyrights no other Characters will be used in the book.

If you are interested in contributing to the project email your samples to submissions[at] You will get a response back usually within 5 business days.


Just to add. As already stated, Proceeds are going to charity. Its benifiting Breast Cancer Research. If you would like to donate the ORIGINAL art, we are also going to be doing an auction on all contributed original art, to have that donated to charity also, and you would be notified what your piece sold for incase you would want to use that info for tax purposes.

Otherwise if you wanted to keep the art, that is up to you. we would then need a high rez .TIF file to format for the book. The file would need to be 10/15 inches @ 300ppi. Also it would need to be of an A.N.A. Comics character. Either male or female, but in a swimsuit wearing scene. If you are interested please let me know and what type of character you would enjoy and we'll get refferences sent out to you.

The book is printing in coordination with Breast Cancer awareness month, October 2010. We'll need to have all art finished and ready to print by August 2010. The book will be full color. If you dont have the ability to color your piece, that is fine we can take care of that on our end.

I also need to know if you intend to donate your illustration to our auction. Once I know that I will send a creator agreement to you for the project. You will also recieve comp-copies (5 copies for sure, more depending on how many illustrations you have included in the book) of the book for your own about a month or so after it initially prints. These will be yours to do with what you will.

After the creator agreement is returned I will be emailing to you the characters to chose from. you can do any type of scene you want. Make it fun, make it scary, sexy, cool. doesn't matter. We do ask it stays PG13 or less, making it as all ages as we can. So no nudity or graphic scenes.

Thanks for your interest. Let me know if you have any other questions.

– Anthony Hary
Editor In Chief – A.N.A. Comics

Friday, November 20, 2009

Support Breast Cancer Research

A.N.A. Comics is also looking for ARTISTS who would like to contribute to our first ever Swimsuit issue. Scheduled to print next October with the profits goign towards Breast Cancer research. If you are interested please email submissions[at], we'll then reply with the guidelines and time frame. Pass the word! We'd love to make this book a HUGE event next Fall. Thanks!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Get to know the founders of A.N.A. Comics


Name: Adrian Wilkins

Where you live: Washington, DC

Family status: Married

Years in comics: If we count the time I joined an old studio...5 years

Favorite comics: Green Lantern & Green Lantern Corps

Creative Influences: Geoff Johns, Akira Toriyami

Favorite moment in comics: When Magneto stripped Wolverine of his Adamantium back in 1996 I believe..I could be wrong on the year.

Role at A.N.A.: President/Managing Director and Babysitter of Nic Myers

Current Project/s: 12 Rings: Liu & Athena, The Further Adventures of James & Medes

Biggest goal for 2010: Get some more work done for A.N.A. and market our name and get us more exposure! Although I'd love to see us grow, we want to do it right and take it slow! I really don't know what to say what my biggest goal would be because to me every goal we set is equally as big.

Name: Anthony “ANMPH” Hary

Where you live: Belle Plaine (just outside the suburbs of the Twin Cities), Minnesota.

Family status: Married with three Teenagers

Years in comics: I’ve be at this comics game for about 8 years now. Love it, hope to keep going strong and stay here for a lot more years to come.

Favorite comics: Currently I am loving New Avengers, Green Lantern Corps and anything Doug Mahnke or Jim Lee do pencils for. I am a sucker for good art. Thankfully most of the good artist are getting good writers too. I am also loving JMS & Coipel on Thor! Some of the best story & art ever, Love Olivier’s work.

Creative Influences: Nicholas Myers…. LoL!! I just couldn’t help myself. Creatively.. well… I’ll list them in order of appearance: Marc Salvestri, Jim Lee, Todd McFarline, Eric Larson, Dan Jurgens, Doug Mahnke, Tom Nguyen, Travis Charest, Ivan Reis, Stuart Immonen, and Olivier Coipel along with a few others have influenced my growth. I would have to say though that guys like Lee, Mahnke, Nguyen, Charest, Reis, Coipel and Immonen have had the biggest and lasting impact on me.

Favorite moment in comics: As far as stories go there have been so many memorable moments. The ones I like the best are those with real heart. Everything from the look on Clark’s face in Secret Identity, when he realizes he can fly to the look of pure and unabridged pain and frustration in Peter Parker as he smashed the boardroom table at the end of House of M. Love that stuff.
As far as in the industry it has been the release of my labor of love, BRETHREN. Really was a fun day when I got the first copies in my paws!

Role at A.N.A.: I serve currently as VP of Brand Management and Editor In Chief. There is too much involved to really detail it but those are my ‘titles’.

Current Project/s: BRETHREN, and Virtual Girl are my two biggest comic projects. Both are creator owned titles. Also working on some other things, covers, and a fun property called the Expletives that will see some action later in 2010.

Biggest goal for 2010: Get Issues #1 and #2 of BRETHREN out. I do all the work on that book. Stupid? Perhaps. Especially in an industry so streamlined by the assembly line creative process, but BRETHREN is my baby and I’m going to be stubborn on this one. So if you want to wait for the trade, feel free, but for now I’ll be cracking away on those. Also have the preview book of Virtual Girl that I am SO SO excited to get out. That book is a polar opposite to what BRETHREN is and I can’t to get in to that more. Beyond my personal projects it is just to keep A.N.A. moving in the direction we are. There are some awesome things in the pipeline for us and I really believe in our team here.

Name: Nicholas P. Myers

Where you live: Caledonia, MI

Family status: Married with two wonderful little girls
Years in comics: publishing, writing, and illustrating? 15 years. A lot longer if you add in the reading part of the equation.

Favorite comics: Past: Spider-Man, Maxx, Savage Dragon, Spawn, Cerebus. Now: Bone, Atomic Robo Web: PvP Online, Penny-Arcade, XKCD, Perry Bible Fellowship, Freakangels

Creative Influences: Erik Larsen, Sam Keith, Neil Gaeman, Warren Ellis, Todd McFarlane, Dave Sim, Jeff Smith, Scott Kurtz and the list keeps growing as I meet more artists and writers in the industry

Favorite moment in comics: I truly can't nail it down to one event, but I had to describe it in one sentance, it would be when I discovered life outside of Marvel, DC and Image. The world of independants is so full of texture and life. And that feeling extends into webcomics as well. There is a lot of junk out there but there is also some exquisitely beautiful stuff out there for people to discover, if they just take the time to look.

Role at A.N.A.: My official title is Vice President of Independent Properties, but I write and illustrate The Precarious Adventures of Newton Von Brisby plus various other projects on the back burner. I'm also the official hand wringer and nail biter of the 3 of us.

Current Project/s: The Precarious Adventures of Newton Von Brisby, I'm also working on a continuation of the Harijan Mini-series and will be bringing my graphic novel, Oasis to the web in 2010.

Biggest goal for 2010: My biggest goal is to continue to have fun. Right now I'm having a blast working with Adrian and Anthony. I think, trying to look any farther ahead is always a mistake. Just enjoy the moment that you're in and see where life takes you. Hopefully, it's up, but at least I'm still enjoying myself.

(Look for more interviews and inside info on the guys that make up A.N.A. Comics to be coming soon. You'll see it all here first. Bookmark and subscribe to our blog so you won't miss an update!)

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You can buy our comics!!

Available now and coming SOON!!!

We get asked a lot “Where can I buy your books?” and now we are here with the answer!

Currently there are a couple different options for ordering out books. One is through or if you are a diehard collector you can order signed copies of all our books by emailing

Here are the books currently available:

Currently only available to order using the buy now Paypal button to order your own signed copy of the book.


BRETHREN: Beginnings - Written/Illustrated by: Anthony Hary
Click the image to order through

Or you can also order a signed copy by using this link:


IF WE WERE HEREOS #3 - Anthony Hary's annual spring sketchbook.
ONLY available through
If you want to snag a signed copy from him you'll have to head to MCBA's MicroCON
Held every spring in St.Paul Minnesota.


For a limited time you can still order signed copies of Nicholas Myers' Harijan series.

If you didn't wish to order them seperately, you can also order all three at a special reduced rate:

Keep an eye out for more updates coming SOON!!